Michaels vs Hobby Lobby

Submitted by Anonymous_Breadstick in Shoplifting

I’ve heard a lot of people say that Hobby Lobby is a lot more dangerous to lift from than Michaels but the Michaels I went in to today felt like it had way more cameras. What is your experience with these?


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Amberzey wrote

I worked at HL years ago. They showed us a training video of a manager tackling a shoplifter. The manager evidently didn't get fired. They tried to scare the shit out of us about internal theft but drilled it into our heads that we have to 100% see someone conceal and walk out the doors before accusing. I never cared.


ravengrace wrote

In one Michaels I've been to there are no Cameras, at the other one there are Cameras (with display monitors that show the live video). The employees don't care and don't pay attention. Both there are no lps. I had a really easy time at both of them. But I don't have a Hobby Lobby where I live so I can't speak to that.


boringskip wrote

it was my main place to get paint pens in high school, never even close to anyone noticing and they were a high theft item


Drshoplifter wrote

I’d go to the store with the best blind spots. It’s better to be safe than sorry


thief wrote

This part of the Master List might come in handy:


Beginner level store.

Cameras aren't monitored unless to investigate ORC. Employees are located at the framing counter which is near the main offices, so keep that in mind. Blind spots are numerous. Easy as pie.

Hobby Lobby is described as "Fairly easy, but still the hardest craft store."


jigga3 wrote (edited )

That master list is full of opinionated statements that don't hold true for every store within a chain. Michaels DOES have more cameras than Hobby Lobby most of the time, and there are way more blind spots at Hobby Lobby. It's trickier at HL because the cameras are a little bit "hidden" in how they're placed so you have to check thoroughly to make sure there's not one near you. They're a christian store so they're going to be much more strict if you steal from them. They have employees out always doing stuff so as long as no one sees you, it's just as easy as Michaels, just more risky.


Lit wrote

I've personally never lifted at Michaels, but I have lifted about $80 worth of Copics from hobby lobby. They had no cameras in the store beside the ones at checkout. It's a big store and usually not crowded, so it is easy.