Has anyone ever actually heard of a store closing, firing employees, or decreasing salaries due to lifting?

Submitted by throwaway6565 in Shoplifting

Title. I guilted myself into not lifting for a while only because people convinced me that it's bad for minimum wage employees, yadda yadda. You've all surely heard it time and time again by now.

While I can see how the argument might work in theory, I feel like there's little evidence that this actually happens though. Particularly in big cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston etc. those locations would probably garner enough revenue that they wouldn't close their stores anyway, plus they would always need people to staff the store. Do I have any reason to feel guilty?



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Lurkerz wrote

No it's just a shame to make you feel guilty and also that your non-lifting customer may say something if they see a lifter simply because there "helping the employees" when really huge corporations have insurance to cover those losses and it doesnt affect them either way.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

Yea i hear this when people get caught, they tell them people get fired for stealing a soda, or batteries, highly doubtful. Its more of a guilt trip to prevent you from stealing again. i realized its just bs, so o continue to lift at places i got caught, like target, and albertsons. Corporations are actually more concerned with internal theft like employee stealing, since they can get away with it more easily they steal billions more in cost than regular shoplifter. lets not forget those people that intercept items shipped directly from manufacturers or warehouses, and have them sold on amazon.

This only affect small businesses, like mom and pop shops, 1 shop 1owner type businesses.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

I work for Walmart. Worse case you impact our meager bonuses by affecting the profit margin. Honestly, it's unlikely you'll do even that as you'd have to go above what they budget.


nighttimeartwork wrote

No, that's BS. Those mega-companies have shrinkage budgeted in.

My nephew works parttime for a certain large supermarket chain to help pay his way through college. They have never gotten rid of anyone because of people shoplifting. My nephew and most of his colleagues will never challenge someone they see lifting. A lot of them steal stuff themselves or will help a friend with concealing etc.......


JediPat wrote

Chimichangas. Know ur tricks of the trade. Fuk Walmart. #profit


madmaggs wrote

Yes and no. Store close/cut hours/fire employees when they don’t make enough money in general. Shoplifting is rarely the sole reason it’s usually a combination of things like lifting + too many returns and not enough sales.

I wouldn’t say you should feel bad per se but I also wouldn’t hit small location stores that you know aren’t very busy because chances are it would impact them more negatively