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Drshoplifter wrote

Im not sure if sephora is easy :/ big lots is easy tho, just get in and get out. If they try to stop you just run. its unlikely youll be stoped at big lots tho.


Whatchagonnado wrote

Sephora is pretty easy for me. There are benefits to when they’re busy and when they’re slow, so I just use each when it suits.

Busy: means cameras are def being watched, so pick up and conceal elsewhere, also their dumbasses have started handing out a paper with a sample Stapled to it. Thanks for the perfect concealment item!

Slow, no camera watching, or at least slacked off. That’s avoid the “artists.”

And if I’m alone in the store, I shop awhile. A long while, so they lose interest and start talking to each other.

I also never take anything there that has an alarm. Yet.


Throwdown321 wrote

Sephora might be different if they have an employee at the entrance. I think mall ones are better to lift at one. the sephoras inside malls.


Whatchagonnado wrote

Russe alarm never went off where I live. Just had to remove tags at home.

Big lots, easy, but keep it small at first and stay away from makeup bc they are installing cams there. Maybe dummys but not sure

It’s crap makeup anyway and Sephora and ultra are easy peasy