UK online scamming

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So I was wondering whether any of you have any experience with online scamming.

I’ve been doing it for a while and played it really safe, split orders and order lots of random stuff to bulk up the weight and then contact customer service and they refund me. I am worried that they may do something, H&* I think have banned my account (I know they won’t allow me any more refunds for “item is missing”) but I started another one and am planning one last order before abandoning (and maybe another for HMx Moschin).

I tried Ch*nel and was freaked out because they said they had imaging in their warehouse so I pretended the line broke up and they rang me to call back. So I filed a V1sa dispute and should (hopefully) get my money back, if not i’ll Return the item.

just any tips and advice, is this something heard of?


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thekraken wrote

Your best bet for this sort of thing is Amazon. While they will ban your account after a lot of returns, their A-to-Z policy fairly well guarantees you refunds easily until that occurs. Especially if you get packages delivered without signature (which happens where I live a LOT, they just leave it at the door). You can then claim 'you didn't get it', and you'll get a refund, or another item.


luxurylifting wrote

I have tried Amazon but I’m only going to do it for a Dyson hairdryer, the only reason being my dad runs a business and it could get the address banned (that’s my worry).

um PayPal disputes seem to work okay alongside chargebacks.

Any other stores?

Thanks by the way!


monte_png wrote

I live in brazil, i get TONS of shit just by shouting via email "it hasnt arrived" on Amazon.