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thief wrote

To be fair I don't know of any other superstores in the US other than walmart and target. I would say, if you're feeling daring enough.. try.. Target, but they're 'notoriously difficult' so be careful


Throwdown321 wrote

Only target, and walmart are known to have superstore. A superstore is defined as having a produce section or grocery section, in addition to its original scheme. target is much harder to steal from, but not impossible(my sole store is target, because its more common than walmart". at target you cant steal large items, or alot at once, since you will be immediately be followed by target lp. often times they have some lp actively patrolling, not always. One lp to look for is the lp standing at his security moniter station. Inner cities are often higher shrink, and its smaller than a mall-sized target, have more vigilant lp. There are blindspots, but theres usuallty only 1 in smaller targets. the smallest targets are the walgreen-types, its highly possible to steal from these.

for walmart your better off stealing here than target.