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I found an apple store that keeps them out on the shelf. When I went to get my phone serviced I got a good time to look around. So this store is a big setup. It has 3 exits one leading right to the train station. It has 1-2 security guards usually walking around by the doors and not even the one the leads to the train station. There are also very small cameras in twos on the ceiling going up and down so ig four in a row. The airpods are on a shelf that’s higher than like arm level?? So you have to reach a bit to grab them. I was able to get another charger no problem. But the airpods it’s a bigger box and idk I’m apprehensive about the cameras cuz if they see me strech up there (im a lil short) and then I dont put them back then im screwed?! idk. if you’ve ever gotten any please help me out? also would i be able to register them once I lift them for like find my iphone or something?


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MhikeiMPC wrote

Reach up there, take a look at them, and put them back on a shelf that is closer, that you don't have to stretch to get. Later come back and conceal.


sneaky_cheese wrote (edited )

Can I suck your dick through the internet wOw? I don’t think why I didn’t think of this, I’ll probably go after work today. Keep y’all updated

Edit: Would it be safer to bring someone with me and they swipe them while I place them or should I just do it alone?


Throwdown321 wrote

its pretty risky, make sure your apple store doesnt have a cop standing guard near the entrance. i would suggest targeting mall apple stores, but cops are usually there as well.


thief wrote

That sounds risky. Do it alone. It also sounds suspicious. I wish you the best of luck and, yes, keep us updated


Drshoplifter wrote

You wouldn't be able to register them like that. I didn't know AirPods could be tracked? if it has a gps in it like an iPhone does definitely dont lift it.


Throwdown321 wrote

iphones have some kind of serial number, they can track, imei number, they can blacklist it on all carries, but most people just sell it outside of the usa, to avoid the blacklist.