Walmart Camera Beeped?

Submitted by naxward98 in Shoplifting

I was in an isle that has one of those cameras with the screen that show the recording in progress and it beeped, I’ve never had this happen before. Can someone explain?


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thief wrote

...What's so concerning about that? Were you in the middle of lifting something when it beeped? It's more than likely just something it does.


sudo wrote

Yes, they probably do that to make you look at the screen and realize you're being recorded. I've been in stores that have aisle monitors that activate only when they sense movement near them. They would turn on, play a synthesized doorbell sound to get your attention, and show you a feed from the camera displaying you, with the text "RECORDING IN PROGRESS" at the top. Some of them also had another feed in the top-right corner showing you the person at the LP desk.


Throwdown321 wrote

lol, never seen the "lp part" must be a new thing. ive only seen this motion sensor cameras, near higher end stuff, like makeup, vitamins,,,etc.


Notmyredditusername wrote

I’ve seen it in Home Depot. But last time I was in there I looked closely and it was just a still image so take that as you will.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I have never had this happen, but i bet sudo is right. Stores will do things to let you know that your on camera.

I was walking down an isle at walmart and as soon as i turned down the isle, a little cam on the top shelf started flashing a small red light like it was recording. there were signs on the isle saying cameras in use. it was like they put the camera right in front of your face down on the isle so that you would see it.


Throwdown321 wrote

its to discourage you from stealing, they usually put these on high shrink, and expensive easy to conceal items. I wonder if they actually record people.