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Quick Note 1: This is u/golf , I changed my username to u/thief. Quick Note 2: I hope I'm not getting too annoying posting so much :8

Okay, so the story starts here. I was with the homie E, and we both shared interests in rampant criminal activity, and we were at a church service we had to go to. One of these days, we decided "This is boring af" and we snuck out to go lifting. We hit up a local hardware store connected to our local mall-- it wasn't a huge ass home depot, but I'm going to avoid saying the name.

Regardless, we went inside and I started up a fake conversation with E so we wouldn't be seen as suspicious (we were teens at the time so I thought it would be weird seeing 2 young dudes walking into this store. I really don't know) so I flagged down the aisle where we found the b o x c u t t e r s. I would like to clarify we aren't emo nor do we cut or self harm, at all, we just like weapons--so we took 2 each. It was a small lift but fun considering our age at the time.

Luckily we got back in time, at about dusk, before it ended and we were never caught. Now that I think about it harder I do remember a lot of cameras. Going down every aisle. High quality. Literally hanging from the ceiling but 6 feet off the ground, so they probably got a clear shot of 2 boys concealing utility knives a couple years ago, but what a blast that was.



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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Your not annoying. We go on this site to look for new posts so we like seeing them. Good job on the lift. I’ve heard from sources other than this forum that Home Depot has good security. So be careful if you do go there. You can get some SUPER high dollar tools there, they sell well too. I hope they go no hands no chase after the shooting here in Dallas. I’ll be hitting them up more often.