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Azballer97 wrote

I don’t think it is a good idea to post pics of your goods. Mentioning them is ok I believe.


Throwdown321 wrote

i dont think pics were a problem, but the publicity the sub was getting. i thinks okay if we only use imugr, and not post it directly on reddit.


sudo wrote

Agreed, it was a really bad idea on the other subreddit. If any LP are lurking here and they see a picture of the exact combination of items that someone shoplifted from their store, then (assuming it wasn't a common combination of items) they know you're the one who stole them. They could then look through your post history to try to get some personal information, or see if you reused your username on other websites and posted some personal information there. That could end with the police at your door.

I know bragging feels good, but it's just too risky. We already have a pretty good sense of security culture among established users here, but new users may not know any better, and post pictures of their hauls. I wouldn't be opposed to a rule banning "haul" posts, just to protect people who don't know any better. I think it would be irresponsible of us to allow them to put themselves in danger like that. Let's see what the other users think - if there's enough support, I'll put it to a vote.


Drshoplifter wrote

I support that. Posting pics of hauls is dangerous and could lead to an arrest (for pretty much no reason). We should talk to the owner of the forum about that. I would support it, and I think it could potentially save someone from being arrested.


Throwdown321 wrote

i dont mind pictures, but it should be on another site link, like imugr, photobucket. as long as raddle doesnt have post directly on the "post"