Dollar General Cameras

Submitted by JFKCrusade in Shoplifting

I know Dollar General has no LP, but the reason I've never shoplifted at one before is because of the cameras. Ever Dollar General in my area has cameras going down every aisle and there are news stories about shoplifters getting caught on camera relatively often. I'm wondering why dollar stores are considered easier than Walmart.


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thief wrote

Mirrored from the Shoplifting Master List:

Dollar General: No LP, and staff is usually older. Strict no chase policies are in place, and cameras are not actively monitored. Easy.


Itsminenowthx wrote

Dollar gens around here have no cameras inside, or very few, but a camera recording the door. Still ain't stopped me from loading up a shopping bag and walking out. Never been caught so...


Drshoplifter wrote

It depends on the method you use. I personally find Walmart easier since I can find more blind spots there