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Werat wrote

Well not using the code whenever another person buys it but like straight up taking it and activating it real quickly or something


sudo wrote

As far as I know, they can only be activated at the cash register. You'd have to sneak behind the counter when no employees are around to activate it. Maybe someone who works retail can elaborate on how to activate gift cards. But if you've already managed to somehow get to the cash register undetected, it'd probably be easier just to forget about the gift card and empty out the till.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

well gift cards are completely useless if you dint pay for it, and have the cashier activate it, thats why it so easy to steal, they know its a worthless piece of paper unless activated. i dont think there is a way to activate it, unless you can access the register, and know what to press, of course thats not even possible. and it would make it pretty obvious your stealing.