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lift_fever wrote (edited )

Never done it before but one tip: Doing the fake phone call method may potentially save your life. You’ll feel stupid as fuck doing it but one time I beeped out of Walmart and I didn’t notice there was a yellow vest old guy sitting at the side of the entrance. He didn’t budge because I was chattering away on the phone.

Also obviously, don’t leave where there’s a yellow vest, and use a receipt from one of your past purchases with the logo visible. I do small grocery walkouts and nobody wants to be that guy stopping a customer who clearly has a receipt.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I did a walk out once in the middle of the night when i knew security wasn't there. i stole several computer towers and a small tv i wanted for my room. sold the computers 100 bucks each and made 500 the next day. they all sold that next day. I wanna try this during the day tho when security is there, just for a challenge. obviously i wont take much. I just want to see if i can get away with it.

edit: I called pretending to apply, made friends with cashiers and did lots of investigating to find out when loss prevention was gone for the night.


Throwdown321 wrote

garden section is popular i heard, walmart doesnt have alot of security at the entrance most of the time, for the limited times ive been there.


JFKCrusade wrote

Literally did one today at 18:00 while it was pretty busy.

Step 1: Fill up shopping cart with random stuff

Step 2: Go to blind spot

Step 3: Put a few things into a reusable Walmart shopping bag you have on hand (I stuffed a black coat into it beforehand so that the cameras could see that it was somewhat full beforehand)

Step 4: Leave shopping cart in blind spot

Step 5: Pretend to talk on phone

Step 6: Walk out of Garden Center with filled reusable bag while talking on the phone and holding an old Walmart receipt out


Lurkerz wrote

I have lots of experience in the matter ask away...but for starters the how I'd reccomend doing it part will vary greatly on exactly what your trying to walkout with cause I have different strategies say if your just getting groceries or you want furniture or an expensive single item EX vaccum/TV