Tips for Uniqlo?

Submitted by lift_fever in Shoplifting

This is in a big metropolitan city mall that I've stolen countless times from, but never from Uniqlo. They have cops standing near the entrance but the entrance is very wide so I just have to rip my RFIDs carefully so I don't beep, and sneak out. I plan on doing this in the fitting rooms. Any chance they have plainclothes LP? Any other tips would be much appreciated!


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prann1ng wrote

i stole some undies and removed it from the packs while i was in the dressing room. the pack has this magnetic thingy/alarm so i hid the packs somewhere. i made sure while i was hiding the packs that it was covered by some displays. however, i am kinda paranoid coz they have cctvs. what if they review the cctv and find the empty packs and i was one of the few checking out undies (hopefully there were other people lurking around the undies area aside from me)? help!!

i know i should not have left evidences but there's this alarm attached to the packs and i don't have any scissors to cut it off from the packs.

questions are:

  1. does uniqlo save cctv footages? what do you think?
  2. would they bother reviewing it?
  3. would they post my pics if found it was me who left the empty packs?
  4. how would u know where is the cctv angel, which side is it facing? their cctv is a dome
  5. how long should i NOT go to uniqlo? for a month or so you think?

appreciate all your responses.


sneaky_cheese wrote (edited )

My uniqlo is probably very different from yours, mine is like 3 floors but on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floor of a building. So they’re on top of another store. There are escalators connecting each floor and cashiers on each one so it’s pretty easy at mine. As long as you detag in the dressing room you’ll be fine. I also only ever onbody conceal anymore because it’s safer imo. There are plainclothes LP sometimes but not all the time. Make sure you look very carefully for tags although mine doesn’t hard tag unless it’s over $29, but the paper tags are RFID and there might be soft tags somewhere. But my friend who works there didn’t mention it. But employees CANT say anything to you if they see you stealing, only LP. She said she watched someone stuff a shirt into their bag and couldn’t say a thing. They also make their employees work 10+ hour shifts so come in the late evening everyone will be tired and ready to go home so it’s yours for the taking. Be safe.


Drshoplifter wrote

I’m sure they do if they’ve got cops. I personally wouldn’t lift there while the cops are on duty, just in case the alarm goes off. Try early in the morning. Most stores don’t have lp or police in early opening hours.


lift_fever wrote

Well they aren’t actual police officers, but they’re not dressed like mall security either. Probably store security is the best word for them, so yea basically LP.

I’m also thinking of wearing it under my clothes and carrying a small crossbody purse so if the alarm goes off I’m nobody to worry about. The entrance is wide so chances are other people will be walking out. If they do decide to come for me I’ll flash the inside of my small purse and leave.


Throwdown321 wrote

ive only ever seen police at a apple store with a similar entrance. If he has a gun, or something he most likely is a police or an armed SECURITY guard, which are better trained than lp.


gardcnia wrote

uniqlo is insanely hard. they have so many store assistants on the floor at mine and maybe like 5 at the exits just handing out shopping bags etc.

they count like hawks at the dressing rooms and have a very limited amount of dressing rooms too.

uniqlo's are generally PACKED so there won't be empty places to conceal. unless you're getting a scarf, socks or a thin tshirt and can conceal it in your jacket and then go changeroom to take off the rfids - i doubt it'd be possible at uniqlo unless you're really careful.


lift_fever wrote

Thanks, I kinda bombed my attempt last time. I didn’t get caught or anything but I had this gut feeling so I didn’t lift anything.