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Cmbtmstr wrote

Here is my fear. They will start to notice one is gone every day from inventory and catch on to the theft. Just a matter of time like you said unless you rotate stores and routines. Just like the mafia say, don't get into a routine. They will notice every day you pick a bottle of wine and every day one goes missing. Be unpredictable.


Drshoplifter OP wrote (edited )

Trust me they’ve already noticed. When they know I’ve staged something they’ll put it back, and sometimes they follow me on foot when I go in to try to catch me. When they do that obviously I just pay rather than get caught red handed. I need to hit the Kroger and Tom Thumb by my house. Maybe Whole Foods too.

Edit: if I hold off for a week or 2, the heat dies down and they dont notice me as much.