Anyone else lift every day?

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The past few months I’ve been stealing a bottle of wine every day, with a bag. I use the stage things on blind spots method. I fear that I will be caught one day if I keep this up, but definitely don’t want to start paying for my wine. Advice? When I was in lp, if I didnt know they staged the merch, and they made sure no one was following in the floor, there’s no way I’d catch them. I have several stores that I can go to but mainly hit up 3 Walmart’s I have picked out.


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Cmbtmstr wrote

Here is my fear. They will start to notice one is gone every day from inventory and catch on to the theft. Just a matter of time like you said unless you rotate stores and routines. Just like the mafia say, don't get into a routine. They will notice every day you pick a bottle of wine and every day one goes missing. Be unpredictable.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Trust me they’ve already noticed. When they know I’ve staged something they’ll put it back, and sometimes they follow me on foot when I go in to try to catch me. When they do that obviously I just pay rather than get caught red handed. I need to hit the Kroger and Tom Thumb by my house. Maybe Whole Foods too.

Edit: if I hold off for a week or 2, the heat dies down and they dont notice me as much.


UndisputedEra wrote

i lift clothing everyone weekend sometimes food like sushi and energy drinks and even beef jerky


Throwdown321 wrote

weekends are the safest times to steal, i dont lift everyday, for the fact that you will be recognized by lp, or employees even if you come back in a few days. i used to lift every weekend, but i dont drive, so i cant steal consistently.

Stealing from the same place is a big sign you will get caught soon.


Lurkerz wrote

Yeah I lift almost every day and it sucks I live in a smaller town only 1 Walmart and 1 target therefore I'm getting to the point with lifting everyday I'm getting burnt at stores here. So far the only store I'm really burnt hard now is Walmart thanks to LP chasing me out the doors a few days ago...so there goes my Walmart fun for awhile,ehh I got my fair share before this though probably got at least 5k or more from there last 3 months alone.


TheMoore17760704 wrote

I used to when I was drinking really heavily.

Avoid stores with stricter LP. I was hitting grocery stores (basically the ones that only stocked wine and beer) because they don't have as much LP rolling around. Move from Walmart to whatever grocery stores you have nearby is all I would say


retiredshared2 wrote

The only thing I would be really worried about is the fact that it is alcohol. Seems like something they would have to investigate due to liability issues. If it's an underage employee taking that wine and they hurt themself that could end up being a big wacky lawsuit


ComradeKitten wrote

I also lift at least several times a week from several Walmarts in my area.

Mostly groceries.