What about using eco bags for concealment?

Submitted by JFKCrusade in Shoplifting

I’m talking about one of those cheap reusable bags you can buy at Walmart. Could using eco bags to shoplift cause any suspicion? Basically you can be stuffing your bag with goods in front of an employee or customer and they couldn’t care less. They’d probably just think you care about the environment enough to haul a big bag of stuff around. If you need to cut tags you could take the bag into the bathroom with you and if someone asks you what you’re doing you could just say that you don’t want anyone to steal you’re bag. Once you’re done grabbing and de-tagging, you could simply slip out the door Iike a normal ecologically friendly customer. Of course, this method would be most effective at Walmart or any grocery store. I’ve never tried this before, the idea just came into my head and I was wondering if there are any forseeable downfalls to this method.



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IllegalistSyndicalist wrote

This is a good strategy for walk out, probably the safest actually. Make sure you have a receipt from a previous visit in your hand as you walk out as well. Helps avoid suspicion that you don't have a receipt. If there are receipt checkers at the Walmart/grocery store you plan on doing this at, you might want to try to slip out of the garden or auto section.


DamnScalper wrote (edited )

You can, but most places have baskets/trolleys and it would seem suspect.

Most people use eco bags; the issue is transferring the goods from trolley to bag without being spotted!


Throwdown321 wrote

I would just walk out the famed walmart garden section, as soon as you conceal near the aisles, rather than going to the bathroom, and arousing suspicion. Since LP/employees are trained to look for bathroom concealment, since its one of the most monitored areas in any chains.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

They will watch you no matter what kind of bag you have, this is a common method of theft that they watch for. And it doesn't take much effort to catch people using this method. I have used reusable bags lined with cardboard and with something heavy in it to make it look like it was full when I entered the door and left but thats it. Usually i just use a backpack so that they cans see that i have merchandise period.


Whatchagonnado wrote

I’ve done it but only at sure bets like family Dollar. Practice and work your way up


JFKCrusade OP wrote

Family Dollar is the one without any cameras, correct?


Whatchagonnado wrote

I think it depends- some FD do have cameras if I recall, but I’ll have to check to remember. They’re both so easy though.