Do these tags actually work?

Submitted by Anonymous_Breadstick in Shoplifting

Okay so at this store at a mall there are no tag scanner/alarm tower things by the doors. However, a bunch of things are still tagged with hard tags. Is it even possible for a beep to go off if they are taken out the door? If the wire on the tag (I think they are called pencil tags?) is cut will that beep or alert staff even without alarm towers? Maybe they are fake tags, I’m not sure! Thank you guys for your help, stay safe!



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ComradeKitten wrote

I know that at my local mall they sometimes have the towers inside of the walls at the individual store entrances.

Some stores simply don't have towers and use tags as a deterrent.

I usually check to see if the entire store front is glass and if there's any wall or column in which a tower might fit on either side of the entrance.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Dillard’s is the only store I’ve heard of to hide eas towers. However I’m sure there are others. If an alarm goes off just keep walking. They will shout at you but can’t physically detain you just for the alarm.

Edit: your probably good to go ahead and lift things out of the shop without fear of alarms.


LP420 wrote

If you are talking about the white tags they are real. The black ones are the ones that scream when cut. The white ones would be defeated without much hassle. Many stores don't use real ink tags though