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Cmbtmstr wrote

Staples will have a tag on a nice mouse... they do care, you are stealing their property and cutting into their profit. If I were you, I would conceal in a blindspot and then head to a restroom. In there I would be quick and take anything you need out of the box. Less is better. Crumple up the box and hide it. Either in the trash can under paper towels or in the toilet paper roll of stall. One thing I would suggest is pretending you are taking a call and then act like it an emergency. Say "I'm leaving staples right now I will be there in 5 minutes" in a semi panicked voice. If it has a spider wrap on it, learn how to take it off without the alarm sounding or grab one without. You need to be quick. Be smart and know where cameras and staff are. If you are in a higher shrink store, the LP will be more watchful. I think this is definitelt do able, just helps if you go over everything in your head a couple times before the lift. Try to do it when it is busy or near closing when they stop caring. Good luck.


Drshoplifter wrote

I would conceal. rumor has it, that if they're watching you, there will be a couple employees by the door waiting for you. Conceal it in a blind spot to cameras and MAKE SURE no one is around to see you conceal. stealing is dangerous and you need to be careful.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

theres rarely people staples, office max, or similar stores. I have seen an employee stand at the front entrance at office max, but thats about it. I think its very easy to conceal, maybe sit in the desk, chair sections. a mouse, you should follow some other people. Probably an aisle or at the desk place where you can open the box and take out the mouse. make sure these stores dont have security towers near the bathroom.