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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I almost got caught once because the alarm went off. i dont recommend this but i got scared and pepper sprayed the 2 guys and ran. Just watch out for source tagged items. The 2 guys were completely disabled and couldn't chase by the way. If i had been caught, the alarm going off wouldn't be enough evidence to charge me with anything. but if they caught you on camera stealing, and you use pepper spray, you would be charged with robbery if caught.


LP420 wrote

Pepper sprayed them? That's a class 1 misdemeanor already if caught. As an LP, I carry pepper and an AO knife. Can't risk with lifters that might use weapons against us. Had a tweaker with a knife in our store before


Drshoplifter wrote

I even carried a gun when i was lp. obviously it was a last resort, but at least i had it. and it was legal. I carry it at my current job too. Im just a safety operations manager now but also am the go to guy for shoplifters when someone spots one. As a lifter, Im more comfortable with my current job, they almost never get police involved.