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IllegalistSyndicalist wrote

I've done it pretty easily by just concealing the product. For larger products you can use the walkout method as long as the tags are removed and you have a receipt in your hand. If your Walmart has it, walk out the garden or auto section, since they're not gonna check your receipt. They also only tend to have one person there to stop you, and it's further from the center of the store, so LP will have to go further to get you. Walmart doesn't tend to have LP on Wednesdays in my experience and from what I've read from prior LP workers at Walmart. I've only really ever stolen headphones from Walmart because there's not much else I need to lift, but it wasn't at all hard. Walmart is a beginner-easy level store honestly. Also, scope a place out and take note of blind-spots prior to your shoplift if you're going to conceal. I had a friend who knew of an aisle where there were no cameras and employees hardly ever stopped by, and it's made lifting there easy as fuck. It was also very close to the exits. If you're gonna find a conceal spot, find one near an exit for quickest results. It also helps to go in on some sort of skate, I use rollerblades. Helps avoid suspicion since people can't really see your pockets and you can outrun LP if you're caught much more easily; this isn't necessary and you do get some funny looks, but it's really useful.


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