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a7824 wrote

Yeah it's probably just best to be careful. This post was inspired by a recent video where someone in target somehow could see the inside of the ceiling and there's a fake camera. So they do have them in target. I just wonder how they decide which ones should be fake, why not make them all real I mean they can't be that expensive. Makes me think that if they are going to have fake cameras then only a few would be real. If you're going to cut corners then you might as well keep only the cameras you need and then most of them will just be deterrents. If I knew for sure that a shop used fake cameras I would assume that most were fake except for ones that cover important areas and maybe look a bit different


Dvdtyrant wrote

Can you imagine the room with all of the monitors though? There are about 70 camera domes in my Target, a monitor wall that big would be impractical, and if it is only one or two monitors that cycle through feeds then it wouldn't be worth the money since you would only be able to see such a small fraction that is being recorded anyway.


LP420 wrote

Either way there would be no way to know, since fake cameras could look 1:1 as real. If you look close enough at a dome at an angle you can spot the camera and the way it’s facing, but you would never know if it’s real or not.