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ComradeKitten wrote (edited )

I used to work at Target, and their stores have those black domes looming over every aisle. It made me really hesitant to lift from there.

Then a co-worker told me how he and some others managed to accidentally break one, revealing there was nothing underneath it.

Another who'd worked there for fifteen years told me that their reputation as impossible to lift from with badass asset protection couldn't be further from the truth.

I've been lifting from Target stores for quite some time now with no problems.

That said, you don't really know which of these domes have real cameras and which are fake. My money is on the expensive and high shrink merchandise.

Obviously AP/LP and cam situations can vary from store to store.


Throwdown321 wrote

i stole from target, just 1 item recently, have a long time of not stealing. I often look directly up at the black domes, and they do have cameras, but you cant really tell if thier fake, for target i just assume every dome has good cameras. I noticed they covered blindspots with cameras, so they are pretty serious about surveillance. I often frequent high/shrink areas. inner cities have smaller targets, but seems to have more lp for those locations. Mall targets are usually the best to lift at.