Boosting cosmetics!

Submitted by ComradeKitten in Shoplifting

Hey guys.

So, today I lifted a ton of eyeshadow palettes from my local mall to resell. I haven't actually done this before?

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has experience doing this and can give me some solid advice.

What site(s) is/are good for selling cosmetics quickly? I was considering Mercari and Poshmark.

How pricey/difficult have packaging/shipping costs been for you, and what is the most efficient way to handle that?

A thorough rundown on how you handle this process would be greatly appreciated!


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Drshoplifter wrote

I’ve heard eBay is the best place to sell stolen merchandise. Not monitored by police and you’ll get good prices. I always sell through Facebook marketplace tho and just drive the goods to the customer myself, locally. I live in DFW so things go quickly here.


gardcnia wrote

depop, mercari, carousell, poshmark are great places. if you want things to sell well you have to boost particular brands/items that you know are super popular. here are the ones that ALWAYS sell for me:

  • becca highlights
  • benefit hoola bronzer
  • smashbox primer
  • toofaced anything (bronzers, palettes)

just mark them down a tad bit lower than most prices. since this is 100% pure profit it should be okay. also your country/area should have a flatrate of postage. my local post office has self checkout so i always weight the item as less and can get away with like $4 postage nationwide.

pictures matter. front picture should be of the item and the box beside it. and then just list all the details like: brand new in box hoola bronzer

  • never used
  • super popular on youtube, insta

also a good idea to put in your bio to ward off suspicion about the fake that you're selling so many highend brand new makeup that's authentic is 'make up artist clearing out my collection'.

and to sell off the remaining goods that dont sell out i just put them as a 'bundle deal'.

another tip is to avoid lifting any concealers, foundations etc. unless you get them in the most popular shades like nars creamy concealer in custard. shades take way longer to sell.


Lurkerz wrote

Mercari hands down if you have a little patience waiting to get your money vs say fb marketplace where if it sells its cash in hand right away. Here's my 2 cents so when I first started boosting I only used FB marketplace but to avoid suspicion I could only boost a couple items here and there that werent freshly boosted until they sold then I could add another to replace that one, as well as being limited to a small market which amounted to things moving very slow. Anyways figured I'd give mercari a shot and holy fuck it felt like going from preschool to college, I've only been boosting thru mercari for roughly 2 weeks now and I've already made around 1,500$ where as the same time frame on fb marketplace I would have made 200$ IF I was very lucky