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ComplexNobody wrote

Hey, I'm a woman and I lift cosmetics among other stuff. I'm in the UK so not familiar with Ulta, however over here in similar stores like Superdrug, they have RFID tags hidden within the STICKER on the item. When you peel the sticker off you see silver lines, this is a tag. Could it perhaps be something similar to this?


ifthreewerenine wrote

Nah, I'm well familiar with the stickers this Ulta uses. There were no stickers on ANY of these items (obvious RFID or regular stickers), which is why I'm stumped.


ComradeKitten wrote

Came here to say this. I personally lift at Sephora and not Ulta, and I've never run into any tagged products.

The Ulta near me puts those huge, square, screamy tags on all of their palettes.