Family dollar questions

Submitted by iamhamming in Shoplifting

whatre the chances that a trashy small town FD has lp? every time i go theres only one or two employees on the floor but is there a chance that they have more in the back watching cams,and how likely is it?


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ToxicCandii wrote

As a former Family dollar manager . Family dollar DOES have LP. But it is only regional. If the store is classified as a “high theft” store . That LP team will make its rounds to investigate. Lately they only investigate for internal theft . Not to say some employees won’t try to stop you because they miss out on bonuses but honestly they can’t detain you .


J1534 wrote

I don't think Family Dollar has lp they sell most of their items for $1.00 so if somebody went in and lifted and wasn't caught I'm not sure the loss Family Dollar would have took would even be significant enough to bother with but long story short I don't think there's even a real need for lp at a discount store like Family Dollar


Newk wrote

No LP for family dollar, if they have employees in the back then they're just there for inventory. Don't know about your family dollar but mine prevent kids from wearing their bags throughout the store and there's no security cams just mirrors


Drshoplifter wrote

No I don’t even think they have lp. The employees will stop you if they catch you. Be careful tho, that’s just one store I got my information from.