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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

No, but I would walk out when it’s really busy, and through an unattended exit. Just walk the bike to the lawn and garden center and act as if your shopping. When you leave be VERY quick and do it when no ones around. I’d run when no ones looking. Throw it in a truck and drive off. I have a Camry and I’d rent a truck for a theft like this if I didn’t own one. You need to throw the bike in the bed and drive!


Drshoplifter wrote

Cover the plates of the truck with paper. Pull over close by and take off the cover. Drive home as fast as possible


Newk wrote

What about just riding the bike home lmao


iamhamming wrote

Idk about your walmart but the one here places locks over the pedals that make that pretty much impossible


retiredaccount wrote

Over where I am, they do that for the more expensive ones, but most don't have the locks. I imagine you could just ride the bike away.