Is this method safe?

Submitted by SuperDave in Shoplifting

I got the idea on this forum. I’m gonna stash some stuff in a blind zone, and then pick it up a day or 2 later.

How safe is this method? I’m very confident in it but want other opinions, maybe even some suggestions. I’m also having trouble working up the courage to hit bigger stores like Walmart.


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Eh, I've never personally tried this method although I've heard of it. Keep in mind that some LP are aware of this tactic and might be a step ahead of you already. I usually lift and leave on the same visit.

And when it comes to Walmart, I guess it depends on the area you're in, but even in my not-that-nice area, it's very easy to steal from Walmart. Just... be smart. I steal from Walmart and Target the most despite people saying those are difficult stores.