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iamhamming wrote

ive done it before, i'd make sure that theres at least an hours distance between the shop and the store unless you live in a large city, and even then put some distance between them. most pawn shops at least in my city are required to take down your information and photocopy your id to buy from you, so this makes it less likely youll be tied to anything


JackinItup wrote

Its all about serial numbers, if you steal from a store your less likely to get caught but if an individual has that serial written down or saved somewhere (especially with phones, tablets). you will be caught easily and all the pawn shops in my area all require a photo ID when selling, pawning or buying anything.


lift_fever wrote

I’ve done it a couple times with DVDs. They never asked for my ID there but if you just don’t give any identifying information away you’ll be good.

I also made a little small talk with them saying I was helping a friend sell his collection in case they sus me out. Go a little out of town and be like “I’m just helping a friend in ghetto-ish area sell his stuff.” I’m an innocent looking college aged girl so if they find out it was stolen, I can just play it off like I didn’t know.

Don’t go too often because if you’re always coming in with new releases you’ll become a regular and they’ll start to catch on.


LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote

Just make sure u wait awhile. Dont do it too much or they will catch on. My local shop wont take any items still boxed.