Should I be worried about hidden cameras?

Submitted by SuperDave in Shoplifting

I’ve been stealing bottles of wine from my local Walmart neighborhood market, but want to move up to higher ticket items at Walmart Supercenter. Do they use hidden cameras? I found a thread on the loss prevention forum on reddit where a shoplifter asked about this. And a couple lp guys said their store does in fact use them. What do you think?



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LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote

The guys in that forum are not gonna assist shoplifters. They make fun of people who go in there n ask questions like that. But some walmarts do in fact have hidden cams. Be careful on the party supply isle there is one on that isle in my wm.


SuperDave OP wrote

What’s it look like? Like the ones on the edges of top shelves?


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I think that’s what she’s talking about. I made that post on the lp forum btw and they banned me. I have 3 more accounts tho. From what I found, they plant out hidden cameras where they believe a theft is continuously being committed every day. So if your stealing from the same store a few times a week and using the same blind spot, they’ll hide a cam in that blind spot eventually. Or just put a visible one there. Usually it’s the visible one. So in short they usually don’t have hidden cams placed out in the store, they plant them after something has happened.

One of about 20 lp guys “claimed” there were several hidden ones on the floor. Wether he was telling the truth or not. Idk. Visible cams are better at detering theft so most businesses stick with that.


Werat wrote

How'd u steal the wine?