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Hey my fellow liftin friends, I just wanted to make this post because well i dunno, im a harm reduction activist in many areas :) I would like to suggest that we not share information about touch and chase policies because as we all know, each location varies due to some loss prevention officers taking their position quite personally and these LP will go for that app regardless because they have the "I know that piece of shit junkie has my merch, hes not lifting in my store on my watch" attitude. These LP will take it into their own hands and judgment and will break the rules as many have. These types often make apps knowingly having missed steps, and dont mind roughing you up and slamming your face into pavement if they even THINk youre going to pull a knife or blade. This may be all thanks to violent lifters or it may not but thats irrelevant. For example, CVS did away with their loss prevention program entirely after a deadly incident and yet in the SL subreddit last year a user post a link to a news story of a manager following home and shooting at a suspected shoplifter, I believe it was in their local news. He stole fucking cold meds. Not to get high, the guy had a persistent runny nose. Two stores notorious for chase and touch are Best Buy and Target. While its fresh in my mind, I also know Target lp system has facial recognition software. Get to know LP psychy a little better by lurking in the lp sub.


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Drshoplifter wrote

If an lp breaks policy like that they would be terminated immediately. You are correct tho, a lot of policy varies from store to store. You always want to know the store your going to and be very careful


sudo wrote

What if we shared the information, but put a disclaimer on it that individual stores / LP may break the rules, for the reasons you gave? I think it would be useful for people to know what the policies are, so they can choose between stores that they probably won't be chased at versus those that will chase.

Also, I don't know where you got the information that CVS abandoned their LP program, because I just found multiple job postings for LP agents at CVS. Here's one of them.