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LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote (edited )

Not sure but if you feel paranoid, you probally look paranoid as well. May be time for a break? When i find myself feeling nervous it usually means ive been lifting alot and need to lay low for awhile. I have a schedule. One month lifting when I need or want to. One month lift free, and so on. On the month off I wont go into the stores i frequently lift at. Ive been able to continue lifting the same stores for a long while this way. If I do something incredibly brazen, lets say if it requires a buggy and I cant just conceal in my bag, i consider that brazen. Because im more likely to have been noticed walking out of garden center w two buggys heaping full of plants than walking out empty handed w my haul in my bag.😏


SuperDave wrote

Good tip. im really just worried about cams tho. Hidden ones that i cant see. I have only stolen wine so far and where i live police don't respond to petty theft like that. the store has to fill out an affidavit and go through a really complicated process so they just dont report it. lol