Cereal Box

Submitted by Vostoq in Shoplifting

Thinking of putting electronics in my cart at Walmart and then moving to a section like grocery which I think has no cameras and stuffing them in some cereal boxes and checking out. Am I screwed with the weight sensors


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Drshoplifter wrote

Just stuff the electronics in a bag and walk out. I use a bag all the time, if your careful its safe.


tranarchy wrote

weight sensors and possibly anti-theft strips as well. if the electronics don't have anti-theft tags or you can bypass them, you might want to weigh the pros and cons of trying to simply go through the human checkout rather than the automatic checkout. the extra weight may go unnoticed or ignored by a human whereas a weight sensor attracts specific attention. you could also look for foodstuff that has a similar weight to the electronics. some foodstuffs can be pretty dense and electronics can be pretty light.


Throwdown321 wrote

Its too risky, metal is usually very dense and heavy, so it would cause immediate suspicion to a human as well. electronics might also have some hidden tags you might not see. doesnt walmart have garden section you can walk out of ?