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sudo wrote

There's a bit of misinformation in this post.

The problem with Walmart is it's really locked-down and the employees are desperate.

Not usually, as far as I've heard. It definitely can vary from store to store, but in general, it seems that Walmart has cut back on their loss prevention in the last few years, and the regular employees aren't paid enough to care.

...even if they catch you putting something in your pocket you could say you were going to buy it and they can't do shit because you technically haven't committed a crime yet.

Not true - in some jurisdictions, concealing a product would be considered "intent to steal", and that would be a crime, even if you didn't walk out the door yet. Look up your local laws to see if this is the case.

Security cameras also have incredibly low resolution

Not so much anymore. Modern pan-tilt-zoom cameras actually have quite good resolution nowadays. Like all things, it depends on the store you're in, so you may get lucky and they may have old cameras, but the new ones are good.

they have neither the right or the means to hold you ... They won't follow you off the property.

No, just no. If we're talking about the states here, then Shopkeeper's Privilege may be in effect in your local jurisdiction. This means that store managers and LP agents can detain you if they suspect you of shoplifting. Furthermore, Walmart is a "will chase" store, so if one of their LP sees you conceal and leave the store, if they care enough, they can run outside and forcefully pull you back into the store. If they just call after you, ignore them and keep walking. If they run after you, don't try to flee unless you're a fast runner. If they grab you, do not get into a brawl, because you'll almost certainly lose, and you'll have assault charges to deal with in addition to theft. At that point, just comply with them, pretend that it was just a "crime of opportunity" and that you're really really sorry, and they may let you off with a warning and store ban instead of calling the police. But it's best to be careful while concealing, to avoid this situation in the first place.


SuperDave wrote

Shat should I do about cameras? Do they use hidden ones? How likely is it that i'm being observed?


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Is it stupid to use pepperspray if caught? the alarm went off when i left once so thats what i did. But the 2 guys couldn't see to chase after me when i bolted right after. they were yelling and cussing but no chase. It was just management and no lp, but i knew they couldn't chase even if they wanted too. they were blinded and disabled. i got away scot free.


sudo wrote

Definitely a ballsy move, but that would (and I assume did) work.