Any tricks walking out of Walmart?

Submitted by RareHawk in Shoplifting

Walmart by me has an entrance unguarded. Was thinking of filling up a cart and walking out.

Only thing is I read in the master list that Walmarts cameras are actively monitored, and that there's a camera by the entrance.

Any tricks, tips? Are the cameras really monitored at every Walmart?


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Sh1sk wrote (edited )

I have done numerous amounts of walkouts at Wal-Mart. Easily over 20k lifted from them alone in my career. I have done all methods listed, bag your stuff walkout with receipt, just walkout no bags no receipt, fake self check out, stuff boxes, you name it. Only ever close to caught one time. In all honesty, just walking the fuck out is the easiest in my opinion. Works best if they don't have a door person (obv). I also like slipping stuff under the fence in the outdoor section and coming around and grabbing it.


LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote

Ha my friend You da man! I like your style and i also use these methods. To me getting in and getting tfo before LP has time to respond is safest. I do my "shopping" and leave. I never conceal until the exact moment im ready to walk out. Greeting card and party supply isles are usually safe and blind. I know the party supply isle in my walmart has hidden cameras at eye level though.


Sh1sk wrote

Good info my friend. Yeah Walmart is usually riddled with blind spots, we sound like we have similar methods. Safer at that. Check out what I just posted on the forums. Back to school season is a gold mine btw.


Drshoplifter wrote

They aren't monitored after 10 at most stores. When you go into the store in the doorway where you get the carts, there will be rooms in the wall. one is a maintenance closet, one is the lp office. make sure all lights are off under the door crack.


LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote (edited )

Garden section is my route when i do happen to lift at WM. The LP office is in the back at some stores as well. My WM'S LP office is in a hallway that leads to the back of the store where stock etc is. Like the warehouse? I dunno ive never been back there. But you get what i mean im sure. Its directly to the left of the milk cooler between dairy and shoes. There are also bathrooms at the beginning of this hallway. Like if you walk into my WM on the food side, you'd walk straight back all the way to the end of the main isle which runs into this hallway. You could also find out what kind of car LP drives. Carry a walkie or police radio, you can tune in and listen in at some stores.


waay wrote

Yup. I called my store pretending to be applying and they blatantly told me there was no lp after 10PM.


Drshoplifter wrote

idiots. you'll know anyway looking at the lights in rooms in the doorway.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Like they'd catch us even if they were there. They were watching me once and I still got away. This wasn't very long ago. lol


Momo1994 wrote

Go earlier in the day and buy like one item at self checkout. Take like a shit ton of extra bags. They can't stop you they are free. Find an old walmart receipt that's kinda long. When you steal your items find a place to bag them up at and then walk out with receipt in hand.


Throwdown321 wrote

risky, but doable. Walmart is usually one of the stores you can walk out of it. ive only heard of more successful walkouts during black fridays.