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SouKa1029 wrote

Yup. Got caught once, but I ran away. Ever since, I learned not to get cocky, since that’s usually why lifters get caught.


waay wrote

Me. Never been caught. I’ve stolen things from small little chargers to desktop computers from Walmart. Even got a 144hz 1440p monitor.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Never and I’ve been doing it 9 years. At least once a week, usually a few times a week. You have to be careful and plan carefully. Don’t slack ever. Learn how lp catches people and the rules they have to follow. I even go as far as looking for hidden cams. I almost got caught once because the alarm went off but ran. I used pepper spray but don’t ever do that. They can’t detain you just for the alarm.


freeputdowns wrote (edited )

This dude never got caught... Heard about a friend who lifted from the same 3 Safeway stores every week for years. He worked for a vendor and came in and stocked a certain vendors product. Carried a backpack around on his cart and loaded up in the dairy cooler every night after getting familiar with the managers and a few employees. Dude got free groceries, alcohol, and other little shit like silverware for a few years str8 before leaving. He even pretended to help LP sometimes to keep his own suspicion low. Shit was covert as fuck


lift_fever wrote

Approaching one year of lifting. Haven’t been caught or sussed yet (besides my first time lmao). The odds are really in your favor.


ComradeKitten wrote

I've never been caught, but I've only been lifting regularly for about a year or two.


Throwdown321 wrote

It depends, if you are stealing multiple times of week, your gonna eventually going to get caught, because you will become more sloppy. ever since ive gotten caught in different stores, ive changed my tactics.


Yourlocallifter wrote

I haven’t. But I have been only lifting for 1 month. I was close. I got cocky one time, I said to myself, “you can take one more jewelry box”. I then noticed there was a plainclothes. I got myself out of there quickly. I did make off with ~$600 worth of jewelry


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

Yeah Ive never been caught. Only small time shoplifting, nothing too crazy Mainly medicines, caffeine pills, food and drink, and a few small Xmas gifts. (Usually lift about £5-6 worth per trip)


LaughandLift wrote

Never but I'm a conservative lifter. Small hauls at differing stores. I live in a densely populated area and hit 3 or 4 Walmarts on a Saturday. A little extra gas but it's worth it.