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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Definitely lift from Deseret Industries - They take donations and then charge outrageous prices for them and that money goes to an evil corporation. And they frequently have little to no LP.


Drshoplifter wrote

Ya dont do that. lol. go to walmart or something they have better stuff anyway. I wouldn't even lift from someone who isn't doing well.


Throwdown321 wrote

I heard about how these "donations" charaties places are essentially scams, the donatiosn they get goes right into the ceos pockets. i thinkt hey changed.


Phoenix_Amour wrote

I don't lift from mom and pop places because of my personal morals (which aren't very high to begin with) and because they're already struggling to keep their heads afloat as is because of big corporate assholes like Goodwill, where I happily peel the fuck back on the regular. I mean, why is it acceptable to turn around and sell everything they get DONATED to them and charge up the ass for it? The other day I saw a coat they had priced for THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I'm talking about a coat that was in very clearly used condition, no tags, and was obtained for free. Who's really robbing who here, anyways?


LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote (edited )

This is the ONLY place i can lift high end items. Some are: Coach purse NWT. POLO purse nwt, nwt michael kors leather belt. Columbia jackets and fleeces. Nike apparel. Forever21 donates all their overstock to my local goodwill as well. I am lucky and live in a very high income suburb of a major city. Ive went on road trips hitting goodwill before. Im not sure why but alot of nicer stores locally such as Victoria Secret, Tj Maxx, American Eagle, Stein Mart and many more donate massive amounts of items new w tags to my local goodwill. My personal two fav finds were two VS Overnight bags that had tags still and were each worth 150$+