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Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Pick the lock after 10 when no lp is there. Then hide the computer on a blind isle with no hidden cams. Come get it a couple days later. I’d go as far as using a disguise when you go in to pick the lock. When you enter the doorway of the store, there will be a room or 2 right there in the doorway where you get the carts. One is a maintenance closet the other is the lp office. Make sure the lights are off in both rooms.


LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote

I guess it varies by location but there is LP at my WM around the clock. A off duty officer during the day as well as LP.


Drshoplifter wrote

That sucks. I live in Texas. The ones in the higher income areas don’t even have lp after 8. I would call and pretend to apply to make sure before doing something this bold.