A bit scared from shoplifting

Submitted by Newk in Shoplifting

I stole a few toys from Walmart on an impulse and now I'm scared from reading all these stories of other people being sent a letter or confronted by cops a few days later on google. Do you guys think Walmart would go out of their way just to catch me for stealing small kids toys of $6 each?


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Drshoplifter wrote

Hahaha! no dude you got away with it. If your gonna do it again be careful and don't conceal the goods on camera. If thats all you took, and you have no record, walmart would probably let you go with a warning even if they did catch you, i used to be lp there.


Newk wrote

Thanks man, been hyperventilating since I've never stolen before


Throwdown321 wrote

i dont think you should steal anymore, if you have this much anxiety, or at least dont steal for months.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Ya don't sweat it man. You have nothing to worry about.