Is shoplifting safe?

Submitted by SuperDave in Shoplifting

I want to get started shoplifting, because there’s loads of money to be made, but is it safe? I don’t want to get caught because if I do I’ll loose my job. What are some tips for a beginner?


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Throwdown321 wrote

Shoplifting is never safe, as it is illegal. probably shouldnt start shoplifting if you have a career lined up after school. best place is stealing small items, like candy, chips at grocery stores, but alot of places would have some kind of lp, so you have to look out. Stealing eletronics, is more for advanced people. not a good idea to start from here, since they would have more security tags on it.


sudo wrote

there’s loads of money to be made

No, no there isn't. Short of robbing the store, the best you could do for one "haul" would be a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise. If you steal that much, you can bet the store manager / loss prevention agents will notice it, and they'll pull the tapes to figure out who did it. Once they do that, you'd better not set foot in that store again for years, if ever, or else they'll recognize you and watch you like a hawk. Alternatively, they may just decide to call the police right there and then. If you are somehow able to pull off thousand-dollar hauls at multiple stores, you'd deplete your supply of "safe" stores pretty quickly. Plus, if the police hear about the same person shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from multiple stores, they'll start actively hunting you down.

In the long run, you'll almost certainly get caught. Shoplifting as a job has very high risk, and low reward. You're honestly better off with a minimum wage job - you'll make about as much per year, and you won't be in danger of going to jail.

If you want to shoplift small items occasionally just for personal use, then that's a lot safer.


Throwdown321 wrote

as soon as you steal more than a thousand, expect to be on the news, and police trying to find you. It usually happens, and weve seen videos of people getting caught with thousands, like that costco incident.


Drshoplifter wrote

As the others have said. I wouldn’t load up a bunch of stuff in one store or they’ll investigate. However it can be safe if you know what your doing and don’t mess up. I’ve been doing it for 9 years now and never caught. I’m always very careful tho and plan things carefully.


ComradeKitten wrote

As everyone else has said, it's basically never safe.

...It's shoplifting, my dude.

That said, you can educate yourself and take precautions to make it much safer for yourself. I'd recommend asking a lot of questions and doing lots of reading before you consider lifting.

If the benefits outweigh the risks for you, go for it (cautiously)!