Amazon non-arrival scam?

Submitted by santatopping in Shoplifting

I'm planning to order some stuff from Amazon and claim it never arrived. My account has been very active for about 8 years like the good little consumer I am, and in that time I've only made two complaints (both of which were genuine), one for a defective item which I returned for an identical replacement and one for a wrong item which was so cheap that they told me to keep it instead of returning it, both of which were over a year ago, so I think my account is in pretty good standing, and I'm only planning on this being a one-time thing.

Is there anyone who's done this and has advice to offer? Is there a maximum dollar amount I should stick to in order to keep suspicion low? Anything else I should pay attention to?


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monte_png wrote

I've been stealing from amazon with this non-arrival scam for the last 2 years. I live in Brazil and i go by ordering some pricey comic books (dc and marvel omnibus, 80-120 dollars each) because i really like them and ive been selling them online. They are really $$$ here in Brazil. never been blocked.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Amazon has good CS I don’t think they’ll give you any trouble or acuse ou of anything.


Istealurshit69 wrote

you can do it, but they actually are starting to catch onto people abusing it more quickly now.


selver wrote

I've heard you can do it like 3 times before they'll block you.