Road trip bonanza?

Submitted by 432alpha in Shoplifting (edited )

Im travelling from point A to point B and its about a two day drive crossing the USA and Canada. Would it be a good idea to lift along the way and be a little less careful because ill never ever go to that store again? (I wont touch Target)


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ziq wrote (edited )

You shouldn't be any less careful but it is a prime opportunity for avoiding being profiled the way you would with multiple return visits.


Throwdown321 wrote

you shouldnt be reckless,a t all. Stealing anywhere always assume someone is watching you.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

Be careful when you hit the stores. Trust me it’s not worth the risk, don’t slack. Not only will you be charged if caught but you’ll loose your job and have to become a full time lifted because you won’t be able to find another


Drshoplifter wrote

Alpha, you need to steal like a bus driver. Take every last safety precaution you can no mater how hard it is. And if you get even a little hint your being followed, drop it, or pay if you really want it. You know how the semi truck driver stays like 10 car lengths behind the car in front of him? Thats kinda how you should steal. it isn't worth the risk. getting caught is every bit as bad or worse as a wreck.