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willynilly wrote

I've been thinking about using the self-checkout lanes to pretend scan an item I intend to lift and pass it over the de-magnetizer to deactivate potential tags on the inside. Does this seem like a feasible plan? What potential pitfalls could there be? I imagine cashiers would be double on the lookout if they notice you have a high shrink item.


sudo wrote

I think you'd be better off detagging it yourself and walking out. Self-checkout lanes are usually watched pretty aggressively. Where I live, all the self checkout lanes have cameras pointing right at your face, and a monitor displaying the camera feed. Even if you got lucky and LP wasn't paying attention, when they eventually figure out what happened, they would have clear pictures of your face to send to the police, and other regional LP. If the item you took was valuable enough, the police may decide to run your picture through a facial recognition scan, which would identify you if they have another photo of you linked to your identity (like from a driver's license).


Throwdown321 wrote

I noticed self-checkout are always monitored by new sophisticated cameras, and there is also one Employee "Standing-by" in case people need help, ive never found them to be useful at all, now im suspecting they are just looking out for shoplifters. And there is almost always a lp nearby, probably hidden from view. And this is from TARGET, at first the mid-sized target had nobody in the self-checkout after it opened last year, i always thought, it would be so easy to walk out the back entrance. The cameras at the self-checkout seems to be much more sophisticated to the ceiling ones. you only need to be close to checkout, for those motion sensors to activate the cameras. i was on the other side of the shelf with gharadelli chocolates, and the self-checkout on one side, and i was able to activate the camera, simply by walking near the shelf on the other side.