Shoplifting from Carter’s & OshKosh B’Gosh

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As a longtime (former) Store Manager, I’m here to give you the inside scoop if you’re in need of free baby and children’s clothing.

Most stores have unattended cameras, but a lot of older locations called “Legacy Stores” do not. If the location near you has white fixtures (4ways, tables, etc), the store is new-ish and likely has cameras. If the store was built after 2009, it has cameras. Prior to that, the store may not. Regardless, there are no employees who continuously monitor them. Footage is only reviewed after a suspected shoplifting incident has taken place. Most locations have only 1 camera in each department: baby girl, baby boy, big boy, big girls, pajamas, and shoes. Additionally, there will be one camera at the door, and one camera for every 1-2 registers.

Blind spots are numerous. Racks are high, aisles are tight and difficult to maneuver, and this makes it a lifter’s dream.

Carter’s/OKB has a no chase policy. If any employee exits the store to chase or detain you, call customer service to play the victim. That employee will be fired. You’ll likely receive a gift card too :-)

Carter’s/OKB doesn’t allow employees to accuse anyone of shoplifting. If you’ve been accused, call customer service. Play the victim. You’ll likely receive a gift card :-)

Employees are only allowed to call the police if the shoplifting incident is a grab-and-run or if any employee or customer has been threatened.

LP associates are in high profile stores such as those in urban markets or high volume stores with a lot of traffic. Only 1 store uses an off-duty cop (in Philly). These LP associates are paid between $10-$14 hour and more interested in flirting with the cute cashier in college. LP associates are required to wear black polo shirts and black or khaki pants. Some will have a Carter’s/OKB logo on them. There are no undercover/plainclothes LP associates.

Monday’s are a good time to shoplift. Store Managers are in their office taking conference calls and doing paperwork. This leaves an assistant manager on the floor with a sales associate.

The week leading up to any holiday weekend is a good time. Staff is likely focused on replenishing merchandise for the busy weekend ahead.

This is a very easy company to shoplift from. They’re more focused on deterring theft from happening by providing good customer service. Once the theft has occurred, it’s too little, too late.


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I got an employee at walmart fired for playing lp and walking around the store instead of doing his job and stocking groceries, I was digging in one of those cardboard bins of socks looking for my size because I needed some new socks after most of mine have had holes,worn in them from my work boots I guess he though I was hiding or concealing items but he was wrong and demanded I open up and dump out my and I refused and left to find a manager and he followed onlu to bring the manager back to the bin of sick to find nothing and I made a scene by loudly and angrily complaining about the employees invasion of my privacy and he was told to go finish his shift then turn his,blue vest in