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jigga3 wrote (edited )

No. Usually what happens is a discord server is shut down and all accounts get banned that are members. They will generally not report you to the police, because a discord post is not proof of anything. Even if you did something severely illegal, there would have to charges placed against a user before Discord would turn the information over to the police. It's not easy to find someone based on IP and you would have to have a police warrant to get the ISP to release anything.

There are so many ways to obscure your I.P. (vpn, tor, proxy, etc.) that even if they did have your IP that doesn't guarantee that you are traceable. It would be a lot of work for Discord to go through every server and define what's illegal enough to warrant telling the police. I'm a member of some highly questionable discords and I don't think there's any issues.


sudo wrote

Look into browser fingerprinting. There are far more sophisticated ways to trace you online than just your IP address. I would get out of those questionable discord groups as soon as possible, if I were you.