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sudo wrote

I don't think any of the Raddle admins see anything wrong with shoplifting. So, the sub should be safe. The only bans being given would be to users that break the terms of service, like by saying something racist.


fawerty wrote

I think that Raddle admins had said that they have nothing against Shoplifting but because of that raddle isn't permitted to do things like get an app onto the Google Play Store or the App Store (iOS)


boringskip wrote (edited )

banning the sub? that won't happen. voat is for nazis and pedos and their ilk. telegram is insecure. you can start a zeronet site i guess?


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Voat appears to allow any group to post comments or create a sub. It seems that it is not so much "for" Nazis, as it allows Nazis.


ntm wrote

I've been doing comparative research into forum software, and the best I've seen is It doesn't aim to be a vote-driven bulletin board, more for general discussions, with either threaded tree-style comments or chat room discussion. We can set up a free forum until October, and then it's reasonably-priced after that, and I would gladly foot the bill if we were to make a community there.

The best improvement I've seen on the vote-driven social news / forum is from, which replaces sub-forums with tags. I think tags allow for more overlap between communities and more cross-talk, but unfortunately is invite-only and aimed at techies.