Chances of being caught?

Submitted by Hidinginshadows in Shoplifting

Am in Canada.

Lifted a really really nice jacket from Sportchek. What are the basic chances of being followed? I don't believe sportchek has a huge L.P. department but I'm stressed.

I didn't beep while leaving the store though - the jacket had 3 alarms that I used magnets to take off and a small alarm sticker on the inside. I was in the store for maybe 10mins before leaving. I picked up 4 other jackets and slowly discarded them around the store as I worked off magenta and concealed the prize I wanted



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Drshoplifter wrote

1 in 50 for idiots who lift on cam or use a fat guy as a blind spot. For me I’ve probably lifted a few hundred times and have never been caught.


Drshoplifter wrote

I’m planning on lifting 2 black powder revolvers very soon, one for me and one for my buddy. I’m not the least bit worried about being caught. Lol


Hidinginshadows OP wrote

I over think and worry so even though my lift was pretty clean in my books I'm alwayd worried about them coming after me.


Drshoplifter wrote

It’s good to be paranoid. You have to be clean and very smart. Don’t leave evidence that you’ve stolen something in the bathroom either. Flush the tags and hide spider wrap


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

You should do it in a way so that you could get away with it even if they’re watching you. Because there’s a 1 in 50 chance they’re watching. It’s probably higher if you have a bag


IssaAlpaca wrote

I mean as long as you're careful its okay. But if you're still paranoid just stay low and don't go there for awhile.


anarchistspectacle wrote

SWIM just got caught the other day at a Rite Aid. SWIM was lucky she didn't get arrested and just got banned from the store. Its pretty easy according to SWIM.


J1534 wrote

I've never been caught but it depends on the store like for example Macy's and dilliards will always be actively monitoring their cameras but on the other hand walmart has very lazy lp if at all some locations like my local. Location has one guy who does lp during the day but after 9pm the store is pretty much left vulnerable because theres no lp and all the employees and managers are over stocking the groceries