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[deleted] wrote


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

Alot of chains do have a no-chase policy for this reason. but some like this chain are allowed to chase, and apprehend. they couldve done it a little better, by not sitting on him, dint they have cuffs?

By the way, you cant just offer to pay for the goods you just stole or someone else stole stole. its called after the fact, some stores may let you pay, but most wont, since in thier policies once its stolen, it cant be reshelved, and they also can consider it vandalized.


J1534 wrote

Every one of the involved employees should be jailed for murder no reason to do all that nonsense over some stolen items especially not to an old man who was probably shoplifting because social security is piss poor


potat wrote

Some people are so crushed with their own shame that when given the opportunity to crush another person (in this case literally) for any perceived wrongdoing, they eagerly grab up the excuse of "wrongdoing" so they can for a brief moment feel BIGGER and powerful and not as small as they usually feel. Once in that power state, you can see people being vicious, excessive and unstoppable.

Most beta animals behave similarly.