Want to steal fabric. Ideas?

Submitted by StuckyFingers in Shoplifting (edited )

I'm going to a huge warehouse store later to steal some fabric I need. Any thoughts on how best to do it? I'm a bit nervous, this seems insane as hell, but I really need the fabric and fabric is e x p e n s i v e

ETA: Thanks all! I'm going to try soon. I'll let you know how it goes!


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UpTickInDowngrade wrote (edited )

You could get a retractable tint razer and choose your fabric off the blind spots. You would be limited but youd be safer this way. You get to the safest pieces then you slickly pull out the razer after rolling off the amount you want. cut quick with a look out. Remember, you have to leave the store in order for it to be stealing, so make sure everything lines up to normal as can be and ditch shit over jail time.

An alternate method would be to grab a shopping cart and cut the fabric like you would actually be buying it then find cam blind spots and go from basket to person. You dont have to worry about anti theft alarm stickers, so its what I consider medium to high risk because they will have cameras if their product is worth its weight in salt. I strongly suggest that if you need fabric you hit up thrift stores as it can be very very cheap there though a lot of it can be old and dated. If you need it for something fancier, then be smart about your grabs and triple check where cams might be pointed. They will be your greatest threat to being popped.


ifthreewerenine wrote

I have a large purse that I take into my local chain. Depends on how much you need. I usually only take 4-5 yards at a time.


Trina wrote (edited )

Wear baggy clothes and wrap as much around you as possible. Ive stole a couple small rolls this way but ymmv


gangshittttt wrote

go to michaels and grab all the fabric you want. they dont give a fuck about shoplifting


J1534 wrote

Try to find a blind spot to conceal the fabric and and get yourself out of the store because if fabric is as expensive as you say it is then there will be lp watching