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J1534 wrote (edited )

I like to go into walmart early in the morning after I get off the bus headed home from work while everybody is over in the groceries preoccupied with stocking food etc my apartment shares a fence with a walmart so it's really easy for me to steal and quickly get to my apartment before anybody notices I lifted which my location is a smaller location,theres no auto or garden sections and only one entrance but anyway I have a backpack I carry with me that contains stuff like portable phone charger,umbrella,wallet etc which is usually pretty empty and I lock one of the pockets with a lock. I try to go in already having decided what I plan to lift and walk around the store acting like im looking at a few things then I head for said items which my last lift which was a little over a month ago was about $50 worth of earbuds which I took over to the aisle in mens clothes where the stock all the really cheap faded glory jeans and put the items in my backpack and put the lock through the zippers. If you try the lock method and get stopped they can't make or force you to unlock your backpack because you can say that it's a violation of your privacy. I sometimes buy a cheap $.97 deodorant stick to throw enployees off you're less likely to get stopped if employees saw you pay and you can show a receipt