Ahh, my favourite people!

Submitted by ComplexNobody in Shoplifting

A pleasure to be back with my favourite kinds of people! Thank you to whoever messaged me on Reddit- it says the profile was deleted so I'm not sure who you were!

Have had a good couple of weeks lifting while the reddit forum was gone regardless. Nothing major but some expensive groceries and bits and bobs here and there that I liked the look of.

Hope you've all been well, and not been caught!


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ChaosRocket wrote

This will be better than the Reddit sub. The Reddit sub didn’t enforce the “no moralizing” rule, and like 75% of the comments were just jerks going “But what about the billionaires who own WalMart! Think about their feelings!”


ComplexNobody wrote

So true, read a interesting article posted to this site yesterday about how shoplifting doesn't really affect the staff, and it made a lot of sense. I have worked for a company owned by Walmart in the UK, and they do not care about their staff at all.


Drshoplifter wrote

I actually found this forum through a link that I found in r/lossprevention. Well have to be careful